While at Cornell, I spent most of my time playing Ultimate.  Check out the Cornell Women's Ultimate web site to learn more about the best sport ever played.

The true story of what happened to Boris, our blue lobster.

Exciting photos from a Pitt CS department rafting trip!

This is an old photo of my family: 

Mom is now retired, but was a consultant/programmer for many years, Dad is a scientist, now at Georgetown University Medical Center, Cliff is was a poker player, but now works for Avalara, and Chris was at Tennis Magazine, but is now at editor for the Wall Street Journal.

We used to have pet pot-bellied pigs, Hei-hei and Pong-pong (from left to right):

My brothers with Pong on triangle offense in our old driveway:

Brian and Christine at his dad's house in Bellmore, NY (2003):