Christine Chung
Associate Professor, co-Chair
Department of Computer Science
Connecticut College

B.A., M.Eng., Cornell University
M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

My research interests are in algorithm design and analysis.  Specifically, I enjoy work in online and approximation algorithms (e.g., scheduling, matching, transportation, dial-a-ride, and other combinatorial optimization) as well as in algorithmic game theory (e.g., social choice, inefficiency of equilibria, auction mechanisms, evolutionary game theory).  

For more details, see my publications.

If you are a student looking for research projects, you can refer to my (outdated) page of CS student research projects.

I am a recipient of the John S. King Excellence in Teaching Award given by the Connecticut College Student Government Association to the faculty member who has "shown an extraordinary commitment to students both inside and outside the classroom." According to SGA bylaws, the award is not to be given annually, and "should not be presented so often that it will lose its significance."

This semester I am teaching:

COM304 (Algorithms)
COM313 (Topics in Algorithmic Game Theory)

If you are a student and would like to meet with me, please sign up for my office hours or email me for an appointment.

Previous semesters I have also taught:

COM110 (Intro to CS and Problem Solving)
COM212 (Data Structures)
COM323 (Theory of Computation)
COM495 (Research Seminar)
COM496 (Research Seminar)

Other classes I've taught in the past can be found via my old teaching page.

I have been the proud faculty adviser for student organizations: Conn College Ultimate and Women in STEM (formerly Women in Tech).

Other info about me: my (outdated) CV, my former web page from grad school.

New London Hall 220
(860) 439-2074
email: cchung at conncoll dot edu


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