I am a fourth year PhD student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Pittsburgh where my adviser is Kirk Pruhs.  My research interests are in algorithmic game theory, online algorithms, and approximation algorithms.  For more details, see my research page.

Some of my relevant graduate coursework includes:  Algorithmic Game Theory, Game Theory I and Evolutionary Game Theory (both in the Econ department), Graph Theory (at CMU), Randomized Algorithms, and Approximation Algorithms (at CMU).

Before I began my PhD, after my undergraduate studies in computer science at Cornell, I continued on for an MEng degree.  I then went to work in industry (here and here) and did some adjunct lecturing (here and here) before going back to Teachers College for an MA in math education.  My last adventure before coming to Pittsburgh was as a high school math and computer science teacher (here). 

For more details, you can refer to my CV.

Here are some fun projects from my undergrad years.

Here are some pictures and other stuff about me.

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